Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning

Furniture and Upholstery cleaning is a task that needs an experienced hand and the proper equipment. Each piece of furniture in your home may serve a different purpose. Each home has certain pieces of furniture that are lounged on endlessly by family members (including pets) throughout the day. Some homes have pieces of furniture of high quality that are used more for their aesthetic values rather than relaxation. Regardless of the use, Sani-Clean will keep your furniture looking and feeling great.

If your couch, love seat, cushions, or that old comfortable recliner is looking a little dingy, Sani-Clean can bring it back to life. They can be cleaned, deodorized and protected to minimize the effects of future spills and everyday use. For those high quality pieces that need to keep their luster, Sani-Clean can clean, and protect them to assure they look beautiful for years to come.

Here's how we do it:

Sani-Clean Furniture Cleaners uses the most tried and true furniture cleaning methods and equipment. Our powerful Truck-Mounted Mobile Cleaning Plant uses a warm water extraction system known as the Sani-Clean Extraction Method.

The Sani-Clean Extraction Method is often thought of by the onlooker as steam cleaning. This is an obvious conclusion due to the fine mist 
that can be seen near the furniture and mouth of our cleaning tools. Steam can cause furniture fabric to shrink. So, instead of steam, our method takes advantage of very warm pre-softened  water. This water is premixed with a gentle, effective and biodegradable solution and is warm enough to loosen and force out any dirt or unwanted particles in your furniture without causing it the harm that can be created by steam. 

To begin, the warm water solution is sprayed into the furniture fibers. As our warm soft water moves through the fibers in your furniture our truck-mounted industrial strength vacuum is hard at work. Over 98% of water and moisture used to clean your furniture is immediately extracted out of your furniture by this vacuum along with any dirt, dander, hair, and residue that has worked its way into your furniture. Due to such a high moisture recovery, the cleaned furniture is almost dry before the furniture is done being cleaned.  At this point just a couple of hours is all that is needed for the furniture to be completely dry.

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